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Ce mois-ci, pour bien débuter l’année 2013, Trainee Rec vous propose de découvrir le label Dandelion Lotus dans une série de quatres interviews de ses membres, à raison d’une par semaine. On espère donc que vous saurez tout sur Dandelion Lotus à la fin du mois ! Cette semaine, avant dernière partie de la série avec Bagel Project.

Trainee : Your sounds are very special, you said that you make « awkward songs ». What are your most principal influences ? How do you compose your songs ?

Bagel Project : well, I record in my room using my mixpad audio mixer, my keyboard and i tend sample(steal) beats here and there.

Trainee : Do you take drugs for producing ? There is a very special atmosphere in your songs.

Bagel Project : Noo, i don’t do drugs haha. i understand what you mean about the ‘atmospheric’ element as i always imagine im making a score for a movie.

Trainee : When did you first start making music ?

Bagel Project : Just over a year ago

Trainee : What is the bagel project ? Why « BAGEL » ? How can we make a good bagel according to you ?

Bagel Project ; There were quite a lot of reasons for that name but it initially started for my love for bagels and the ‘project’ part came from me still developing and learning. Even to this day i see bagel project as a learning process, hence why every song tends to be a completely different genre.Also, to make a good bagel, all you need is ham, cheese, ketchup and some mini sausages and you’re good to go.Trainee : You also love taking photos. Do you work your photos with the same approach as with your music ?Bagel Project : Actually think about it, yes. my obsession that came with taking photos was that fact i was always feel like im missing everyone, you know? i always feel like that.  its like a lame recurring theme, which is evident in my songs. lost youth and young love are the main themes, okay Ive just disgressed but you get me, right? ha

Trainee : What is your relation to the label ? Why did you choose to release your ep on Dandelion Lotus ? We want to know everything !

Bagel Project : Urm well Jergan from the label contacted me regarding releasing my ep on their Digital Sprouts series on Dandelion Lotus and i was like ‘helll yeah’. its weird as I’d previously been contacted by other labels but always been abit reluctant but after falling in love with their artists especially ‘Danglo’ ….i was immediately wanted in within this crew.

Trainee : Do you have a funny anecdote to tell about Dandelion Lotus?

I got really stressed out when they thought i was 20, i was 19. OH MY GOD. i thought they were my friends. *wipes a tear*Trainee : For your french listeners, will you tour in France soon ?Bagel Project : OH MY GOD yess totally, that’s y’all want.

Trainee : What is your favorite french word ?Bagel Project : Bonjour (thats all i remember)

A la semaine prochaine pour la suite de la série TRAINEE X DANDELION LOTUS !


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